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Buddy Davis

Office Cat / HR DirectorNKC TribuneFront Office
Home 807 W. DAVIS Street Suite A101 Cle Elum WA 98922 Other P.O. Box 308 Cle Elum WA 98922 Work Phone: message: (509) 674-2511Website: Buddy\’s Tribune webpage


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Homeless, unemployed cats everywhere, take heart. I was once like you. An orange tabby, or “ginger tom” as our British friends call felines like me, living on his own, making a meager living out of garbage cans around the Davis Street plaza, I know what it’s like to wonder where that next meal is coming from. That is, until I started hanging around outside the Tribune news office windows and one of the two-leggeds in there took notice of my plight. At first it was a few tidbits of food. Then it was a box with a blanket in it to get me up off the cold concrete of the sidewalk as I kept workers company from outside the window. Eventually I came to expect regular meals everyday. Then one day it happened. I had a home. Inside. With lots of two-leggeds to give me attention, food, and comfortable kitty beds to sleep in.

I also have a job now. “Office Cat” is my official title, but I prefer to think of myself as “Tribune Greeter, HR Director and Provider of Amusement and Comfort”. But that is kind of hard to fit on a business card, so we’ll stick with their title.

Because I have come from the streets myself, in the holiday season of 2011 I decided to “Paw It Forward”, by launching the Tribune’s first ever pet giving tree. Working with ARRF Animal Rescue and the pet food division of the HopeSource food bank, we came up with a list of needed and wanted items for both homeless and less fortunate local pets and used that to make tags on the tree. The community response was meow-velous, with over a quarter TON of pet food, along with toys, treats, collars, beds, leashes and even a pet sweater or two donated under that “Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree”!

I have my own page on this website at http://www.nkctribune.com/buddy.