Meet Buddy – Tribune Mascot

buddyMeet “Buddy Davis” – Official Office Cat & Feline Greeter at the NKC Tribune and Tribune Office Supply & Printing Office in the Davis Street Center (the plaza by Safeway) in Cle Elum. Buddy is a rescued feral cat found hanging outside the office in 2009. Not only has the staff adopted him, but he has developed a loyal fan base in the community.

  • 2016 Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree tags now available for download 2016 Buddy's Buddies Pet Giving Tree Tags (683 downloads)

    The annual Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree COMING SOON!


    Tags are ready! Come pick a tag or two to help local pets.

    Come in to the Tribune office lobby and pick a tag off the tree, or download printable tags here.

    The NKC Tribune and Tribune Office Supply & Printing are teaming up with ARRF and HopeSource again this holiday season to collect blankets, towels, treats, dog and cat toys, tennis balls and cash and check donations to go towards ARRF’s veterinary bills. All items printed on the tags are pulled from the wish list of ARRF Animal Rescue.

    Easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Pick a tag.

    2. Get the item.

    3. Bring it in (unwrapped – bows and ribbons okay) with the tag and put it under the Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree.

    The Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree will be up through the New Year with 100% of the proceeds going to ARRF and HopeSource to help pets in our area.

    If you would rather use your credit card to donate any amount directly to ARRF, they have a PayPal donations button at:


    Free to Buddy’s Buddies donors, while supply lasts.


    Why is Buddy doing this Pet Giving Tree?

    Once upon a time a handsome feral orange tabby cat hung around outside the NKC Tribune’s new office space in the Davis Street Plaza. He began sitting outside the Publisher’s window, looking in and rubbing up against the glass. His appearance grew more and more frequent, until she began calling him her “Little Buddy”. The name stuck. A few bowls of food and a bunch of patient coaxing later, the one-time skittish stray worked his way into the hearts of the entire staff. Now he lives the good life as “Official Office Cat & Greeter”.

    Buddy would like to “PAW IT FORWARD” to other less fortunate animals in the Upper County this holiday season. Now you can help him reach that generous goal by taking or printing out a tag from his Pet Giving Tree and fulfilling a wishlist item!

  • Buddy says “Please don’t leave my buddies in hot cars”


    Buddy and the Tribune have partnered with Cle Elum, Roslyn, South Cle Elum Animal Control Officer Jacqueline Van Dongen, an anonymous donor and ARRF Animal Rescue to bring this FREE public service pet safety flyer to the community.

    Buddy wants everyone to know just how quickly a vehicle, even with the windows down, can go from warm to a fatally hot oven for pets and children left there. For example, in only 10 minutes, a 70 degree outside temperature zooms up to 89 degrees, and reaches a scorching 104 degrees in just 30 minutes. And it only gets worse as the mercury rises. An 80 degree day becomes 114 inside the car in a half hour.

    Feel free to download this free flyer to place in the window of your establishment, post at your event, distribute printed copies and share the link. The design was donated by Buddy and the NKC Tribune to use without restriction for the intended purposes.

    FREE DOWNLOAD - Pets in Hot Cars Flyer (1003 downloads)

    5_alternatives_to_pets_in_carsFor some fun ideas for alternatives to leaving your pet in the car, click the preview to visit the full-sized version of this nice infographic provided by