Hosting a community event in Kittitas County?

NKC Tribune Sponsorship Logo

Proudly display this Tribune Sponsorship logo at your event and on promotional materials and advertising.

The Tribune wants to help organizers of positive events which benefit our communities extend their advertising budgets through our very popular Matching Ad Dollars Sponsorship Program. Completing the application below starts the ball rolling towards having us be an in-kind sponsor for your event by matching the funds that you have to promote your event to make them go twice as far by either upsizing your ad(s) and/or adding extra placements for broader reach. Event planners need not be a registered non-profit organization to qualify for this program, although it certainly makes it easier to show the benefit to the community. Preference given to events appealing to our newspaper’s Upper County primary audience. If you have questions about the program, feel free to include them in the memo section of the application, or use our contact page to reach out to us. Best wishes on a successful event!