LABOR DAY: Upper Kittitas County style

Miracle at Coal Miners Memorial celebration-“…all the miners who died in mine-related accidents were crowned (coal) kings…” -front page/A5-photos

Roslyn parties with Italian flair-The Roslyn, Ronald, Cle Elum Heritage Club’s Italian Heritage Night-page B1-photos

Roslyn Coal Miners Parade attracts crowd-page B2-photos

Aging bulls dominate young bucks-at High Country Log Show-page B8/B9-photos

Kittitas County Fair ‘rolls’ up another jam-packed event-Good weather, great family fun and lady hanging in the skies-page A6/A7-photos

Ban lifted for some campfires in eastern WA-Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark announced-front page

HopeSource seeks residents needing help with utility bills-for qualified Puget Sound Energy customers-front page

Toilet paper roll torched in restroom fire, arson suspected-front page


  • Encompass Engineering, Browitt named for 2013 Paul Harris Award
  • Monthly climate summary
  • Military vehicle fire contained
  • Assault and vehicle theft from Ellensburg group home
  • Weekly wildland fire agency reports
  • It’s “Back to School” with a new bus lane
  • Centennial Series-Washington State Parks


  • Frankly Speaking-Garlic gardening-Time to plant some!
  • Washington consumers carry the 4th highest combined state and average local sales tax in the country


  • Symphony in a stock pot:Seasoned Chef Joe Vallone teaches cooking class
  • Only 2 Sundays left at the Market
  • Carriage-driving boot camp for granddaughter, gratis 35-year legacy
  • 80 more bricks added to Flag Pole Park Veterans Memorial
  • Jamie the chimpanzee down but not out

Sports & school:

  • 2013 FALL SPORTS SCHEDULE-Cle Elum-Roslyn High School
  • Meet the student behind the Summer Job-Raechelle Gumeson
  • CERHS unior spends first semester in Texas-Dani Lindstrom
  • Erin2 equals a CERHS run for volleyball districts
  • CERHS cross country faces another uphill climb
  • Burchak back on the field
  • Overton, Barr to head district’s school bus team