March 11, 2020

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Last week, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler ordered all health plans he regulates to waive copays and deductibles for testing for the coronavirus, COVID-19. Now, as testing capacity expands and the federal government approves commercial labs to test for the illness, he is asking those labs to be mindful of what they charge.

Kreidler is making this request in response to concerns from health insurers that by waiving copays and deductibles, they could be hit with excessive charges from the commercial labs doing the testing.

“We are all in this together and any excessive fees that labs may charge health insurers for coronavirus testing will impact our health care system,” said Kreidler. “I don’t have direct authority over the amounts labs or providers charge for their services, but we will closely monitor their actions in the coming weeks. I expect most will honor their unique role in supporting the common good as we tackle this health crisis together.”

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