KITTITAS – Our variance for phase 2 has been accepted. Please see attached pdf for guidelines on reopening dining services.
Here are some suggestions for reopening:
  • Arrange dining tables so customers sit at least 6 feet away from guests at adjacent tables
  • Identify touchpoints that need frequent disinfection such as handles, tables, chairs, and point of sale equipment
  • Order food and cleaning supplies well in advance of reopening, without over-ordering, as some items are in short supply and shipping times may be extended
  • Make sure your service providers such as food suppliers, oil collection, trash and recycling, pest control, appliance technicians, and chemical suppliers are able to serve your needs
  • Ensure restrooms stay fully stocked
  • Consider installing or having available hand sanitizer dispensers, particularly at entrances, exits, and transition areas
  • Survey your establishment for signs of pest infestation and correct before opening

Employee Safety & PPE:

  • Require employees to wear a cloth facial covering when not working alone. This is not a substitute for 6-foot physical distancing. See our Guidance on Cloth Face Coverings for additional information.
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, face shields and face masks as appropriate or required to employees for the activity being performed.
  • Provide more protective facial coverings if exposure dictates a higher level of protection under the Department of Labor & Industries safety and health rules and guidance. Refer to L&I Coronavirus Facial Covering and Mask Requirements for more information.
  • Maintain minimum 6-foot separation between all employees (and customers) in all interactions at all times. Use barriers, minimize staff or customers in narrow or enclosed areas, stagger breaks and work shift starts when strict physical distancing is not feasible for a specific task.
  • Minimize the number of staff serving any given table. Have one staff person take a table’s order, bring all of their beverages/food/utensils, take their payment, etc.

Train the PIC in the language they understand best to:

  • Monitor employee status for COVID-19 symptoms prior to each shift, in addition to the employee health requirements in the Food Code.
  • Enforce the COVID-19 specific written procedures.

Train workers in the language they understand best on:

  • Identifying symptoms of COVID illness, how to prevent transmission, required hand hygiene, and illness reporting requirements. Reinforce general employee health and safety.
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting properly.
  • Implementing the COVID-19 specific written procedures including physical distancing and service change requirements for onsite dining.Cleaning/Disinfection/Sanitation

Implement a plan for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting:

  • Cleaning is a necessary first step for sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals to work. Use soap and water to clean food and non-food contact surfaces.
  • Wash, rinse, and sanitize food contact surfaces following routine procedures. Use an EPA registered product (such as chlorine, QUAT or iodine) at a concentration appropriate for sanitizing food contact surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched non-food contact surfaces every hour. Use an EPA registered product at a concentration that has been shown to be effective against COVID-19. Follow label directions.
  • Clean and disinfect dining area touchpoints such as chair backs, condiments, digital ordering devices, and touchpads between each dining group.
  • Remove any table décor that will not be cleaned between each dining group.