Kittitas County, WA – 03/11/2022 – The killing of a family pet this week in Ronald is being investigated.

On Wednesday evening, 3/9/22, Kittitas County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report that the owners of a four year old Malamute named Kita found her dead, apparently shot in the abdomen, a short distance from their home in Ronald. Kita had been missing from home since the afternoon of Tuesday, 3/8. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident with the assistance of Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal welfare nonprofit based in Sultan, Washington. A vet working with Pasado’s performed a necropsy of Kita on Thursday to determine how she died and collect evidence for investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office and Pasado’s are in communication with Kita’s family, who are understandably distraught.

The Sheriff’s Office released the following statement, “We are aware of and working to track down rumors that Kita is the most recent in a string of killings of dogs and cats; but we have not found any evidence of other recent or related incidents. No Law Enforcement is aware of any evidence of a series of animal killings in Kittitas County.”
“If anyone has information concerning killing, harm or neglect of any animal, we ask them as always to contact us immediately,” said the Sheriff’s Office.
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