Buddy's Buddies Pet Giving Tree The NKC Tribune and Tribune Office Supply & Printing are teaming up with ARRF Animal Rescue and HopeSource’s Pet Food Bank again this holiday season to collect cash and check donations to go towards ARRF’s veterinary bills and future food & supply needs. All suggested donations printed on the envelope “tags” are pulled from the wish list of ARRF Animal Rescue.

Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Pick an envelope tag (or print out one below!)

2. Fill out the form and place your donation inside the envelope.

3. Bring it in with the tag and put it in the specially marked collection cans for the Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree.

The Buddy’s Buddies Pet Giving Tree will be up through the New Year with 100% of the proceeds going to ARRF and HopeSource to help pets in our area.

If you would rather use a credit card, you can donate directly to ARRF through their donation page (using PayPal).

We like to acknowledge and thank everyone who gives through the Buddy’s Buddies fundraiser and report the total raised at the end of the season, so if you just want to let us know your name(s), any animals you would like to designate your donation on behalf of / in memory of, amount donated (for the total only, individual amounts not published), that would be much appreciated. Submit that information here after making your direct donation at ARRF’s site!

Why did Buddy & his friends at the Tribune start this Pet Giving Tree?

Once upon a time a handsome feral orange tabby cat hung around outside the NKC Tribune’s new office space in the Davis Street Plaza. He began sitting outside the Publisher’s window, looking in and rubbing up against the glass. His appearance grew more and more frequent, until she began calling him her “Little Buddy”. The name stuck. A few bowls of food and a bunch of patient coaxing later, the one-time skittish stray worked his way into the hearts of the entire staff. He lived the good life as “Official Office Cat & Greeter” for the rest of his life (R.I.P Buddy, November 2018).

Buddy always liked to “PAW IT FORWARD” to other less fortunate animals in the Upper County each holiday season. Now you can join us in honoring his memory by helping him continue to reach that generous goal by taking or printing out a tag from his Pet Giving Tree and fulfilling a wishlist item!