3/28. Groomed from Manastash up the 3100. Snows great from the second bridge up. Went up to Quartz then out the 3120rd to Tamarack Springs. Down the 3330rd. Good snow down to 3300rd. Nice place to park at junction. Then went up 119rd to Five Corners and 111rd to 4510rd.

Also did Windy Pass Loop then down the 4510 to 4517. GREAT SNOW all the way around.

The snow is great from Woods and Steele too. Probably be good riding fom there for 2-3 weeks unless they open the road to vehicles. Most snow in the last three years I’ve seen at the end of the season. Almost a foot of snow still on the road.

Looks like another sunny weekend. Be safe and have fun.

These were the last trips for the season. Have a great summer

Think snow…