Kittitas County, WA – 11/02/2020 – Sheriff Myers addressed concerns about election and fears of unrest:

It’s an understatement to say that politics in our nation are deeply divided right now; there’s a profound lack of trust between folks with different views and values. This divided and fearful atmosphere, combined with the sense that tomorrow’s general election is uncertain and momentous, has led some people on both sides of the political divide to speculate about a coming time of unrest, or even a ‘civil war’ of one kind or another.

While it’s certainly possible that pockets of unrest will break out in some American cities, and it’s likely that criminal opportunists will take advantage of some protests or gatherings, we do not believe any widespread unrest or violence will strike our communities here in Kittitas County. Local Law Enforcement leaders have kept watch for potential threats and conflicts and are prepared to respond if needed. We share a high level of confidence that our community will respond civilly to election results, whether disappointing or elating. If the results of the election take time or legal challenges to certify, we know we can rely on our county’s citizens to keep on doing the work of living—caring for themselves and one another. Our communities will continue to function peacefully because we value what we have here and know we depend on one another to maintain it.

If protests happen locally, we fully expect they will be peaceful and lawful, as has overwhelmingly been the case so far. If there are counter-protests, we expect the same. The history of our community shows that we’re able to resolve serious conflicts reasonably, with respect for people and the law. If problems develop or if opportunists seek to exploit this moment, the Sheriff’s Office stands ready with all our local Law Enforcement partners to protect the public’s safety. Our communities will retain their civil and supportive character and we will all retain our humanity towards one another. Thank you for your reasonable and calm judgement, and for making Kittitas County the place it is.

Sheriff Clay Myers