The City and Vision Cle Elum are canceling the community fireworks display during pioneer days. We are making this difficult decision from the standpoint of leading by example. It is our belief that the weather conditions create a less than favorable environment for any fireworks, and that in an event of an emergency our resources as long as state mobilized resources are already stretched to the limit.

We are encouraging Upper County Residents and Guests to follow our example and refrain from the use of personal fireworks. We are furthermore (in partnership with the City of Ellensburg) encouraging people to attend the City of Ellensburg Public Display. Unlike Cle Elum which has a unique and dramatic Urban Wildland City Interface, where the forest literally runs within and throughout the City limits, Ellensburg’s show occurs in a  better contained and managed environment. We are spreading the word and will post the City Ballfield Park with notice of cancellation and directions and time of the Ellensburg show. We will distribute the same throughout town and do our best to ensure everyone knows.

I have been working with and will keep communicating with:

John Aker, Ellensburg City Manager
Rich Elliot, KVFR Assistant Chief
Brad Case, Ellensburg Parks and Recreation Director
Gene Dana, Kittitas County Sheriff
UKC Tribune
Chief Dave Campbell, Cle Elum Fire Chief
Dist No. 7, Command Staff

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions: 509-674-2262

Matt Morton, City Administrator