Cle Elum awards low bid for Progress Path

Who got it and when they’ll begin work, on the front page, far left.

Teanaway Sub Area Plan and public process resurrecting

A breakdown of the three phase approach & who will do the impact study. Front page.

Want an old wooden outbuilding… or four?

Slated for demolition, can you use the material? This and other news from Hospital District #2 Board meeting on the front page (and A5) of this week’s NKC Tribune.

Candidates for County Prosecutor, Richard Young and Greg Zempel, explain how Administrative Procedures Act regulates and defines Ecology’s economic impact study provided in conjunction with the proposed permanent rule on groundwater withdrawal in Upper County. page A4

World Trade Center I-beams sail through Upper County

Upper County Salute, photos and article, page A7

Country Western dancing comes to downtown Cle Elum

Who’s behind it? Where’s the fun? When does it start? All this and more on page A8


  • Campfire violations on rise in Cle Elum District
  • Man rescued from Yakima river
  • Theives steal legacy creek signage at Fish Lake
  • WSDOT awards contract for another section of I-90
  • Local survives I-90 ‘No U-turn Crossover’ accident, one dead. page A5
  • Counterfeit $50 passed in Cle Elum
  • McDonald’s coming to Cle Elum? (Yes!)
  • Firehouse construction at Pass in full gear
  • Three car bang-up on I-90


  • School District reviews new hires, resignations
  • 2010-2011 School Bus Routes
  • Two full pages of Back to School information