Ellensburg Contractor Returns Home to Benefit Kittitas County

Ron Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Contractors, Inc.

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CLE ELUM – I am Ron Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Contractors, Inc. a thirty-five year old construction company. Although not part of the airport family, I am a pilot, and excited to come home to deep Ellensburg roots. When Martin and Martha Michels, German immigrants, moved to the valley in the 1800s they made their home on a farm north of town “then known as Robin’s Roost”. The survivors of eleven children subsequently spread to the Graaffs, the Quinn’s and many other pioneer families. George, their eldest son, built a ranch, in the Demark area, and an in-town home on East 2nd street, both are still owned by cousins. This kind of long-lasting history and quality is the basis of how we have built our business. Mitchell Contractor’s proudly combines hometown community values with modern technology focusing on customer service. This is why I wanted to share some of the knowledge acquired over a 40+ year career to benefit our community.

Introducing a new column: “Ron Responds”

In an “Ask Abby” style, it will give you answers to your building, remodeling and contracting questions. For example; how do I make my home safe for seniors? How do I find the perfect contractor? Or how can I brighten up my home on a budget?

In an interview, I was recently asked several questions:

Q: What makes Mitchell contractors different from other contractors?

Ron Responds: Diversity of experience, length of time in business, and dedication to serving the client. We have developed long-term customer relationships through great communication, solid collaboration, and solution-driven results. It’s never just another job.

Q: What are some recent projects that you’re excited about?

Ron Responds: Quality senior living is a longtime passion. I wake up every morning thinking I’m 25, look in the mirror and am reminded that time catches up with us all! My biggest excitement continues to be satisfied clients.

Here’s a recent question from Jim Lucas:

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would offer to people who are looking for a contractor?

Ron Responds: Though there is no single piece of advice that fits all people or their projects. Here are some important suggestions:

  • Identify a list of what is important for you. Not all lists will be the same.
  • Interview your contractor.
  • Understand that sometimes things change no matter how well your project is planned out. Retain flexibility.
  • Know your budget and expect financial transparency from your builder.
  • Don’t expect things for free. Contractors are a business – it’s about value. Cheaper is rarely better.
  • Get a realistic understanding of your vision-both time and cost.
  • Listen to your intuition, ask questions, and make sure you get answers.

We want to hear from you!

Email us your questions at: Questions@MitchellContractors.com and get my answer in next month’s article. To learn more about Mitchell Contractors, visit our website: MitchellContractors.com or call: 206-463-5838.