The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office has issued Level 3 (GO NOW!) evacuation notices to residences on Overlook Road, Coyote Run Road and Long Tom Canyon Road due to increased fire activity in the area.

If you receive a Level 3 notice, we advise you to leave the area immediately for your own safety.

Earlier, the Sheriff’s Office issued Level 2 (Get Set To Go) notices to all residences south of Big Horn Recreation area and north of Roza Recreation area on the east side of the Yakima River.  A Level 2 notice means the fire is approaching and get ready to leave at a moments notice.

The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office has also just issued Level 2 (Get Set To Go) evacuation notices to residences on Strande Road and Mellergaard Road at the foothills and up the draws, Shushuskin Road and the mouth of Umptanum Road up to Durr Road.

Deputies are currently going door-to-door to notify residents of the fire threat.

Under a Level 2 Notice, residents should be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.  Important papers, photos and medicines/prescriptions should be packed and ready to take with you.

The Sheriff’s Office is working with the Red Cross for shelter assistance for any residents who evacuate.  If you are evacuated and need shelter, please call 509-594-0016 for further assistance.

State Route 821 (Yakima Canyon Road) is closed at Thrall Road, except for local traffic only.

Stay informed on evacuations and general fire information with the following resources: