It is time to scrape the schmutzdecke at the water treatment plant.  Once the scraping is done there is a filter rinsing that will need to take place before the filter beds are refilled with water.  “We also have to take some water test samples required by the Department of Health,” reported Amber Shallow at the City of Roslyn office, “prior to putting the filter beds back online for treatment.”
There will be one filter bed staying online for water treatment and the City does have a water reservoir that holds almost one million gallons of treated water.  However,  in an effort to help lessen the impacts at the water plant the City is asking everyone to consider turning off their irrigation until Wednesday next week (July 31).  This will ensure that the water treatment plant (running with one filter bed) will be able to keep up with the demands of their customers.  The City also will not be irrigating their properties during this time frame.
If unable to turn off irrigation water completely (“Maybe you have a garden that you don’t want to die!” said Shallow) the City is asking customers to consider watering with the minimum amount and at off-peak times for water consumption, such as middle of the day or middle of the night.  “Water timers can be purchased at any hardware store for minimum cost and they hook up to your water bibs/garden hoses,” Shallow said.