OLYMPIA – Commissioners for two Washington agencies have reached out to the insurance industry for assistance in processing and investigating the historic volume of claims for unemployment compensation.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler and Employment Security Department Commissioner Suzi LeVine are asking insurance companies in Washington if they can lend expertise in two areas:

  • Unemployment Insurance Specialist Level 4 Adjudicator
  • Fraud Investigator Level 3

Employment Security will pay for those hired for three to six months along with providing the training and equipment needed for the jobs. The agency is dealing with an unprecedented number of claims.

“We are asking for your help to address this historic volume of unemployment applications,” LeVine and Kreidler note in their letter to Washington insurers. “With this volume of applications also comes a volume of claims that require adjudication and investigation. But, as you know, you can’t just add water and grow adjudicators and investigators. They are skilled and often take years to hone their abilities.”

Adjudicators examine claims to determine eligibility for unemployment compensation. The monthly pay ranges from $4,600 to $6,036 depending on qualifications.

Fraud investigators look for fake claims and patterns of criminal activity. The monthly pay ranges from $3,682 to $4,829.

To apply, contact Sam Virgil, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Unemployment Insurance Customer Support Division at SVirgil@esd.wa.gov or (360) 742-7095.