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Mojito recipe (Adults only)

When adding mint to your food recipes – a perfect pairing is a Mojito (pr: mow- HEE- toe). A refreshing addition to a meal... or on a lovely afternoon. Makes 2 hefty pint glasses:
Servings: 2
Author: Chef Frank Schuchman


  • 4 ounces good quality white Rum
  • 4-5 whole sprigs fresh Mint about 4”-6” each
  • 1 lime quartered
  • Plain Soda Water
  • A large glass to muddle the mint and rum
  • Martini shaker


  • Pour the rum into a large glass
  • zest a tiny amount of ¼ of a lime into the rum, squeeze in about 1-tsp of the juice.
  • Stir
  • Add the whole sprigs of mint and muddle (mash up) into the rum along with 3 squeezed lime wedges.
  • Add ice to your martini shaker, pour in the muddled goodies and shake vigorously.
  • Shake until it is so cold your hand hurts!
  • Pour (not strain) everything over two iced pint glasses.
  • Add just a splash of plain soda water, so you just get a hint of bubbles and serve immediately.
  • If you like, rim each glass with a light coating of sugar.
  • To Rim: rub a lime segment along the rim of each glass, dip onto a plate of sugar, shake off excess. Or for each pint glass, add about 2 ounces of simple syrup.


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