With the magical deposits rediscovered, Santa was able to negotiate eternal secret access to the special coal dust mining operation, so his Christmas Eve flight would never again be threatened by a shortage of the dwindling supply. Tami and Bob Bator of the 70 year old local family owned Bator Lumber, and their crew, were good sports, agreeing to wear blindfolds while being taken to the top secret job site to install brand new Canyon Creek Cabinets to store the growing collection of apothecary jars filled to the brim with Magic No. 9 Coal Dust. The quality cabinets, built to last in Washington, satisfy Santa’s requirement for green manufacturing with over 20 years of constant improvement, like adopting their Green Cabinet Source program. More checkmarks in the good column on Santa’s app.

NKC_Tribune_Pointyshoe_TruckAs for Mindy and I, well, after she was promoted to co-leader of the Elf.B.I. with me for her excellent work and bravery on this important case, I mustered up the courage to ask her to the big North Pole Extravaganza Ball. She said yes! And now, not only is she my partner in the field, she has agreed to be my partner in life as well. And that F-150 I had grown so fond of during the mission? It turned out that Santa had ordered it weeks ago and planned to give it to us as a wedding gift. How does he do that? How did he know before we even did?

So, Christmas is saved. We will be lingering around a couple of days for Christmas in Cle Elum. Santa has a bunch of gigs booked already, like his photo and parade appearances. The crew has some favorite spots to check out and classes to take now that we have more time. So if you see a pointy ear or a pointy shoe around town, just wink and keep our tale a secret.

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