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Roslyn’s own Frank Schuchman with over 34 years experience as an executive chef is an enthusiastic “foodie”. He writes a weekly column in the Northern Kittitas County Tribune called “Frankly Speaking – about Good Foods”, and teaches organic vegetable growing workshops in the spring and summer and culinary and food safety classes in the fall and winter. Learn more about Frank at his “Getting to Know Frank” page and in his bio on the “Meet the Staff” page, which includes a direct email link. He can also be reached anytime at 509-649-3864, or through the contact form on our website at

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  • Food bank list updated for winter The Dec. 4, 2014 “Frankly Speaking” column references this updated list for the Cle Elum HopeSource food bank.
  • Operation Harvest Food Bank Donation List Download “The List”:

    Items Needed For Our Cle Elum Food Bank
    ALL donations to the HopeSource Food Bank stay in Upper County


    Soups & Sauces
    Pancake Mixes & Syrup
    Jellies & Jams
    Canned Fruits & Vegetables
    Rice & Pasta Meals
    Dried Beans, Split Peas, Lentils
    Coffee & Hot Chocolate
    100% Fruit Juices, kid size
    Canned Proteins
    Zip-Lock Bags all sizes – for portioning and ...

  • Roasted Garlic 3X Five Bean Veggie Chili – Seussapalooza “5” March 2011
    Red Kidney Beans ~ black beans ~ Small pink beans
    Great white beans ~ organic “Chana Dal” Yellow split peas
    ~ organic Red Quinoa ~
    Roasted, Local Peoh Point garlic
    Wapato, late harvest veggies (October 2010):
    “big john” green chili peppers – medium, organic
    Anaheim green chili peppers – mild, organic
    Red bell peppers – Green bell peppers
    Yakima “arbol” style stupid-hot chili ...
  • Tasty ways to Iron Up your diet Iron Rich Menus
    Thanks for visiting! This is a follow-up to the “Iron Man” column, printed on page 4, in the NKC Tribune, January 24th, 2013. Copies available at the Cle Elum Tribune Offices: 807 W. Davis Street, suite A101, across from the new Taco Bell near Safeway. (509) 674-2511 or puchase online at
    Balance ...
  • Saving Your Tomato Seeds!
    Frankly, welcome to this ”Frankly Speaking” special online tutorial edition about saving “wet seeds”. Tomatoes are the perfect example of a wet seed, and the techniques explained today work great for other wet seed veggies like: tomatillos, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash (especially ‘big seed’ winter squash), all melons and most chili peppers. (Yes, this works for ...
  • Mojito recipe (Adults only) Back to Mint Recipes Page

    Mojito recipe (Adults only)

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Beverage

    Serves: 2

    When adding mint to your food recipes – a perfect pairing is a Mojito (pr: mow- HEE- toe). A refreshing addition to a meal… or on a lovely afternoon. Makes 2 hefty pint glasses:


    4 ounces good quality white Rum
    4-5 ...

  • Mint Julep Recipe (Adults Only) Back to Mint Recipes Page

    Mint Julep (Adults Only)

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Beverage

    Prep time:  10 mins
    Total time:  10 mins


    These days most Southerner’s consider this way too old school. Maybe not in public, they still drink tons of this stuff!


    2 Mint sprigs – about 15-20 leaves
    4 oz simple ...

  • Tabbouleh or Couscous Salad Recipe Back to Mint Recipes Page

    Tabbouleh or Couscous Salad Recipe

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Salad

    Prep time:  15 mins
    Cook time:  20 mins
    Total time:  35 mins


    Sprinkle mint onto any green salad. Italian dressing, oil & vinegar based dressing all go well… even Ranch. One of my faves ...

  • More Mint Marinades
    More Mint Marinades

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Marinade

    Prep time:  10 mins
    Cook time:  2 hours
    Total time:  2 hours 10 mins


    In the article (June 28, 2012 NKC Tribune) I posted a wonderful refreshing yogurt dip and a unique herbed wild game marinade. Here is another great ...

  • Part IV – Lets start cooking with mint! This is part 4 of my series on mint that started with the main article in the June 28, 2012 Tribune. See the online follow-ups with part 2 and part 3.
    Frankly, I’m ready to stop growing & harvesting… it’s time to tie the apron on! These recipes are for spearmint, I still have yet to ...
  • Part III – Harvesting Mint Part 3 of my continuing series on Mint which began in the June 28, 2012 issue of the NKC Tribune… (see part 2 online here)
    Frankly, now that you have so much mint… let’s harvest some.
    The best part of the growing plant are the new, young fresh tops. (This is true with most herbs like oregano, ...
  • Part II Mint, Mint…everywhere An Extended Frankly from the Tribune article: “Mint – Love it, Others Hate it” dated June 28th, 2012, Page A4. Copies of the paper with the main aritcle are available for purchase at the Tribune Office, (509) 674-2511 or
    Frankly,  mint is so versatile, I just could not write enough about it in the short ...
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe for Saint Patrick’s Day!
    Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe for Saint Patrick’s Day!

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Main Dish

    Prep time:  30 mins
    Cook time:  5 hours
    Total time:  5 hours 30 mins

    Serves: 8

    CORNED BEEF has really only been served in Ireland kitchens from around the first part of the century. ...

  • Black Eyed Peas Eating a heaping bowl of this humble food is so common that many will eat 365 beans, one for luck each day in the New Year.

    Black Eyed Peas

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Side Dish

    Prep time:  10 mins
    Cook time:  25 mins
    Total time:  35 mins


    Yes, these ...

  • Chef Frank’s Oven Roasted Rice I prefer to use an oven-browning method for rice making:

    Chef Frank’s Oven Roasted Rice

    Author: Chef Frank Schuchman
    Recipe type: Side Dish

    Prep time:  10 mins
    Cook time:  50 mins
    Total time:  1 hour

    Serves: 2


    1 cup dry rice
    2 TBS vegetable oil
    2¾ cups beef stock
    Any raw vegetables you like


    In 350 ...


Chef Frank has posted his recipe, compete with tons of pro chef tips, for a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner for your St. Paddy’s day celebrations. See Recipe



Full cooking class complete with recipes for all the Southern New Years favorites in the Jan. 5, 2012 Frankly Speaking print column in the NKC Tribune.

“Hello Tribune readers!  In this week’s NKC Tribune (Jan. 5, 2011 edition), my Frankly Speaking About Good Food column features “lucky” New Year’s food traditions. This supplement to that article is an excerpt from a class that I teach about Southern Cooking.  In the class we learn about the colorful history of the foods prepared for New Years.  Below are the core ingredients you need to learn to prepare – pork roasts, greens and then black eyed peas and rice to make the famous Hoppin’ John.  In the classroom setting I discuss a lot of techniques, so I have re-written these recipes below with the additional information – so don’t be scared at the long narratives ahead, they are there to teach you. I hope that you try each of these flavorful and unique dishes, they are very delicious, fun and easy to prepare!” -Chef Frank



Chef Frank’s Top 10 Crostini Recipes – as our special holiday gift bonus supplement to the Dec. 15, 2011 “Frankly Speaking – about good foods” column by the NKC Tribune’s foodie, Frank Schuchman!

Merry Christmas from Chef Frank and the NKC Tribune! In his “Frankly Speaking, about good food” column this week (Dec. 15, 2011), Chef Frank tells readers how to make his delightful Holiday Pesto Crostini. Here are some of Frank’s favorite variations to the recipe you can choose from. To see the full article, pick up a copy of the paper – we keep extras of back issues at the Tribune Office or you can order single copies online to be mailed out. Download it here:

Chef Frank's Top 10 Crostini RecipesChef Frank's Top 10 Crostini Recipes

Download Chef Frank Schuchman’s “The List” for much needed HopeSource foodbank donations below:

"The List" - High Need Food Bank Donation Items